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Announcing our Online Product Directory


HBT have partnered with Vesta Timber & Hardware (VTH) to develop an Online Product Directory. Powered by Vesta’s pioneering technology and available exclusive to our group, the Product Directory will be the first of its kind in the Australian Hardware industry and offers significant benefits to suppliers and members.

All suppliers have been notified of the upcoming launch of the Product Directory and are encouraged to contact Vesta to set up their products in preparation for the May launch.

“Product Directory will revolutionise how HBT suppliers share and distribute content with HBT members.”

- Justin Newman, CEO of Vesta Timber & Hardware

“Having the custom built Product Directory powered by Vesta will showcase the group’s strength like never before. We see this building volume for our suppliers and truly supporting the healthy ecosystem that HBT strives for, where there is mutual benefit for all.”- Aimee Innes, Marketing Manager of HBT

The Product Directory is due to be launched at the National Conference in Sydney. The Vesta team will provide live demonstrations throughout the Tradeshow days.

Interested in setting up your own online store?

Vesta has an exclusive offer available to HBT Members only.